Comprehensive Coverage of the Coatings Industry

Paint BidTracker is your total source for project and sales leads, market data and analytics for local, state and federal industrial and commercial painting opportunities happening in the public sector — from planning stage to award stage and beyond.

Industrial Structures
Grow your business with access to our comprehensive coverage that delivers targeted data for industrial structures, including airports/aircrafts; bridges and tunnels; building utilities; communication; fuel and chemical tanks; locks, dams and levees; manholes and wetwells; marine; military; power; rail; roads; sewer; solid waste; water tanks; concrete tanks; elevated tanks; ground storage tanks; standpipes; water and wastewater transmission and treatment; and more.

Commercial Structures
Stay informed about work happening in the commercial areas that matter to you, including airports; building utilities; education; historic preservation; medical facilities; military; parking/garage; prison; public buildings and facilities; rail; residential (government or housing agency let); stadiums and arenas; swimming pools and more.

Construction Scopes
Find data customized to your area of expertise with coverage for work that includes abrasive blast-cleaning; air/vapor barriers; anti-graffiti coatings; carbon-fiber reinforced polymer; cathodic protection; concrete sealers; cured-in-place lining; EIFS/stucco; fireproofing; floor treatments; graffiti abatement; hand and power-tool cleaning; historic preservation; lead/heavy metal testing, handling, demolition, encapsulation or abatement; manhole and wetwell lining; painting and finishing; pressure washing; protective coatings on metal; roof coatings; shop-painting; sports surfacing; staining and wood treatments; thermal spray; vehicle and heavy equipment painting; waterproofing and dampproofing; and more.

Supply Opportunities
Manufacturers and suppliers look to us for the latest supply opportunities in the following areas: abrasives and related supplies; containment and access; epoxy-coated rebar; galvanized touch-up; galvanizing; line striping; OEM finishing; paint and finish supplies; painting equipment; and more.

Engineering and Professional Services
Our engineering and professional services coverage provides planning, design and consultant opportunities in asbestos/lead/mold engineering; coatings inspection; fabrication inspection; industrial hygiene; inspection services; lock/dam/levee engineering; marine engineering; material testing; power engineering; structural engineering; transportation engineering; and water/wastewater engineering.

Questions About Our Coverage?
Contact our sales team at 1-800-837-8303 or sales@paintbidtracker.com today.

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